ABP Renewables – Our Services

ABP Renewables provide on-site storage, collection, processing and conversion services. Our process produces high quality refined used cooking oil which is converted into biodiesel and electricity.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

The heart of ABP Renewables service is the collection of used cooking oil from food processing, retail and catering facilities.

Our collection service visits over 100,000 customers every month ensuring they are compliant with legislation as well as generating a significant revenue stream for their bottom line in the form of commodity linked rebate models.

Food Waste Collection

We are committed to ensuring our customers reach their goal of zero waste to landfill. Our nationwide waste food collection service is helping in this regard. Every kilo we collect is converted into biogas and organic fertiliser.

Combined Heat and Power

ABP Renewables’ research and development team has developed a renewable fuel capable of combustion in a combined heat and power system meeting all emission limits. We install bespoke CHP units at our customers sites, providing renewable heat and power to run their business.


ABP Renewables provides its customers with a solution for powering their captive fleet, not only reducing their fuel bill but dramatically reducing their carbon emissions. Our state of the art biodiesel facility serves both distribution fleets and the oil majors.