ABP Renewables/Olleco – Our Company

ABP Renewables is the largest collector of used cooking oil in the UK and Ireland, helping many of the biggest restaurant and catering groups maximize the environmentally sustainable treatment of their waste food and oil products.

Our efficient and traceable waste management service converts waste streams from over 50,000 customer premises into renewable energy. Through our treatment processes we are able to reduce CO2 emissions across our customer base by 200,000 metric tonnes per annum.

Our vision is simple –

To provide 100% resource recovery for foodservice businesses through a virtuous cycle of integrated supply, collection and conversion solutions delivered to the highest service standards.

Our virtuous cycle approach helps us to come up with solutions that best suit each requirement whatever it is. Nothing is wasted from our customers foodservice business, be that time, money or resources. Applying this approach enables us to deliver maximum benefit to our customers and the environment.

Technology and innovation are critical to our ongoing development: from advanced live fleet management software, to on board automatic weight and data capture; from customer access to a dedicated web portal illustrating their carbon reduction plan, to producing biodiesel with the lowest carbon foot print in the world.

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