Our Services

Bio-Secure Collection

On Farm Collection

We provide bio-secure collection services to the farming community across Ireland. Our trusted network of animal collection partners throughout the country are on hand to ensure fallen animals and by-products are collected in a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Ex Factory Collection

For industry we work with food processors throughout Ireland offering an essential collection and disposal service for inedible animal by-products  that result from food processing. We offer daily collections with long term contracts, which ensure our clients can get on with the task of processing high quality food products in a sustainable fashion.

All our raw materials are certified and traceable.


At ABP Proteins we operate a system of continuous rendering. Our highly trained specialists continually feed raw materials through a state of the art computer-controlled process involving a series of cookers, conveyors, centrifuges, presses and sterilisers, which results in a continuous outflow of quality finished product.

The benefit of this system is that it allows us to be highly efficient by operating around the clock, which maximises our energy efficiency with minimal downtime. We also use our own products such as our high quality Tallow to help us minimise our carbon footprint.