Sustainability Story


ABP is increasing efforts to integrate green engineering technologies and concepts into our regularly scheduled projects such as building design, upgrades and extensions.

The company also pursues an aggressive long term carbon reduction strategy with increased energy efficiency and benchmarking to ensure that the company operates best in sector practices. Energy efficiency and optimisation of processing techniques has been embraced by ABP. The use of renewable fuels and the use of less carbon intensive boiler fuels have reduced the carbon footprint of our operations

Water is an integral part of the business and ABP ensures that it utilises the resource in an effective and efficient manner. Water usage and pollution control are key components of ABP’ssustainable development plan. Our policy aim is to ensure that this valuable resource is protected.

Sustainability within the meat industry is critical for agricultural success in Ireland. ABP is participating intensely in this sustainability arenaand it is considered mission critical for the company. ABP has highlighted the potential for significant continual improvements across the supply chain from farm to fork.

ABP also pursues waste reduction initiatives that make a significant positive impact.

ABP has standardised all processing sites to the International environmental standard ISO 14001; this enables control in a proactive way of waste prevention and minimisation, reuse, recycling and ultimate safe disposal. It also implements the organisation’s sustainable environmental policy and is an effective environmental management system engendering continuous improvement, good environmental practices, setting of targets and objectives and ensuring adequate and appropriate measures are in place to manage environmental risks including emergency response planning.