ABP Beef

We operate out of meat plants strategically located in the UK, Ireland and Poland. As the leading beef producer in the UK and Ireland we are the largest beef exporter to Continental Europe. Dedicated to adding real value for our customers which is both ultra-tender and consistent. Our team of experienced and reliable meat experts are passionate about building lasting partnerships in the European retail, manufacturing and food service sectors.

Pet Food Proteins

ABP Pet Foods

Producing high quality pet food products since the late 1960s has earned ABP Pet Foods its place as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field. We manufacture a complete range of products in pouch, alutray, canned & dry formats. Our aim is simple – To be the No. 1 Manufacturer of private label pet food and supplier of choice for leading retailers throughout Europe.

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ABP Proteins

ABP Proteins is the rendering and by- products division of ABP Food Group. ABP Proteins is focused entirely on providing sustainable, bio-secure and environmentally responsible services to the food industry. We are experts in the recovery, rendering and recycling of animal by- products.

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ABP Renewables/Olleco

This division is the largest collector of used cooking oil in the UK and Ireland. This UCO, together with tallow from our beef processing operations is converted to lowest carbon count and most sustainable energy and fuel sources.